No matter where you live in New England you will be able to enjoy this sport with us. We host private and other events all across New England.


This isn’t just for kids or just for adults. No matter your age you will be able to participate and enjoy this incredibly fun game.


You can book us for an event, join one of our leagues, play in one of our tournaments or even host your own. We will also be offering scheduled open-play times.


Bubble soccer (bubble football) was originally invented by Norwegian friends in 2011. Never could they have imagined that their joke would develop into the popular and exciting sport it is today.

The popularity of bubble soccer has increased exponentially after video clips of the sport surfaced on different social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Bubble soccer arrived in the U.S. shortly after its invention and it has since gone viral.

Many describe bubble soccer as not just a soccer game providing great physical exercise (bubble soccer is a great workout!!!), but also a fun creative stress-reliever and team building activity.

The National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) legitimized bubble soccer by heightening the quality of equipment and organizing league play. The NABS has authorized leagues around the country and have ensured that they are successful in safely bringing the excitement of bubble soccer to every event.



Teams are made up according to the space available to play but in most cases we set up teams of 4, 5 or 6 per side.

An unlimited number of substitute players are permitted.

Uniforms & Safety

We recommend players to wear appropriate sports clothing.

Players should not wear jewelry or glasses onto the field. Non-removable jewelry must be covered. Rec Specs are encouraged for players who absolutely must have eyewear.

No studded footwear is permitted (i.e cleats).

Players must be secured with straps tightened and have hands on handles during gameplay at all times.

Players must keep handles at shoulder level at all times (no lifting bubble to increase stride length).

Unnecessary roughness is prohibited (i.e hitting a player from behind).

The Game

All matches must be played according to our event coordinator’s interpretation of the rules. It is the host’s responsibility to make sure that his or her friends all know the rules.

Game Length & Ties

5-minute games of continuous time as bubble soccer is a great workout, and very tiring. With an hour package usually you get 8-12 games in.

The Enforcement

The event coordinator’s decision is final. No Objections

End Of The Game

The team with the most goals at the end of regulation time wins the game.

Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Always ask your event coordinator or referee what you can and cannot do while playing.


At New England Bubble Soccer we offer a large variety of ways to play this hilarious sport. You can book us for an event, join one of our leagues, play in one of our tournaments or even host your own. We will also be offering scheduled open-play times which will be announced via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Choose one of the options on the left to find out more information on how to play.

We are the only provider of bubble soccer recognized by NABS (National Association of Bubble Soccer) in Massachusetts. We have adopted their high-safety measures and chosen the highest quality equipment out there. Find out more now, email us at

If you have any doubt that bubble soccer is a good time, watch the video below, picture yourself in one of the bubbles and then make your decision.


Interested in a competitive and fun bubble soccer league? New England Bubble Soccer hosts a league in the spring. Sign up as a free-agent or sign your team up and battle to become champions of the official National Association of Bubble Soccer authorized-league in Massachusetts.


New England Bubble Soccer hosts various tournaments throughout the year. It’s a fun way to spend a day and there will be many prizes awarded at our tournaments. Come have some fun, and take some prizes home! Stay informed about upcoming tournaments on our social media sites.


We always have different opportunities for you to just drop in and play some bubble soccer with us. Please be sure to connect with us on social media to receive daily alerts of when those dates are!


I don't play soccer. Can I play bubble soccer?

Absolutely!  Your soccer skill level will not influence your amount of fun level!

Were you guys on ABC's Shark Tank?

Yes! Our parent company, National Association of Bubble Soccer, was featured on Shark Tank, Season 7. We are the official NABS administrators in Boston. We service not only Boston but all of the surroundings cities and states.

Will I get injured playing bubble soccer?

You will most likely send some people flying and will also go flying a few times. However, we take every precaution to ensure each participant’s safety. As with any other sport, injuries can happen. The bubbles prevent most body parts from directly hitting the ground as you are surrounded by two feet of air in all directions.

I’m a bit claustrophobic, is that going to be a problem?

The balls are a bit confining as you are inside the middle of a plastic ball, your hands will be up to hold the handles on the inside of the ball. However, the ball is open at both the top and bottom for ample air, and is clear so you can see out.  We encourage you to try it yourself, we will be at your side to remove the ball should it become an issue.

Is special clothing required to play bubble soccer?

No. However, we do recommend athletic apparel while playing bubbles soccer. It gets hot inside the bubbles! No jewelry, or belts allowed!

Is the deposit refundable?

Deposits are not refundable but are valid for a full year.

We’re hosting an all-adult party, can people who have consumed alcohol play?

We want everyone to have a good time, but it’s important everyone playing bubble soccer is safe. Therefore, anyone who has consumed alcohol will not be allowed to participate in bubble soccer play. Once game play has concluded we have no problem with those who are over 21 years of age enjoying themselves and having a few drinks. (As long as they are not driving, of course!)

It looks like you might get sweaty from running around inside a plastic ball, am I going to have use a ball that someone else has recently sweated in?

No way!  Each ball is cleaned and sanitized after EVERY use, even during a single event

Are children allowed to play?

Yes and no. We have two different size bubbles, youth and adult. If anyone under the age of 13 will be playing, they are most likely going to be using the youth-size bubbles. However, we determine the size of the bubble needed by the height of the participant. So, if the child is under the required height limit of the youth bubble, they will not be able to participate.


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